Daedaelus is transforming the landscape of distributed computing bringing together a world class team of computer scientists and implementers, along with a consortium of collaborators and academic institutions.

You will need to be proficient in at least one systems programming language: Zig, Rust, Python or C++. We use Mathematica for simulation, Verilog for FPGAs, and Latex for documentation.

We also need folks with skills in Legal (reading contracts), Accounting (bookkeeping)  and Project Management.

To be eligable, you must exude the following: 

  1. Customer-focused mindset: You understand the importance of engaging with customers and channeling your creative efforts towards solving their problems.
  2. Shareholder-focused attitude: You aspire to create something that surpasses your individual goals and contributes to the success of the company as a whole.
  3. Passion and curiosity: Have a strong passion for our mission and the work we do.

Our world is unfolding more rapidly than ever before.  Become part of the renaissance in Distributed Systems, AI/LLMs, Interfaces to Quantum Computing, and High Reliability Applications on the Edge. 

We are not a research institution. If you are interested in pursuing research, we encourage you to apply to one of the academic institutions in our consortium.

Email Us your name and address, GitHub profile, LinkedIn profile, or resume.